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At Eon, We strive to go beyond the typical
rental service. With us, excellence, conscientiousness,
and sustainability are foundational.

Dedicated To Quality

Evaluated by Trustpilot® as one of the highest rated car rental services in the America, our focus is on excellence and customer satisfaction. Our expert team is proudly trusted by a variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to prestigious hotels, and major film studios. Whatever your needs, your experience is our priority.

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A Philosophy Of

At the heart of our business lies a responsibility to take care of those who need our help, both near and far. Eon is proud to sponsor the Aashray Care Home for HIV Affected Children in Jaipur, India. With our help, the organization helps feed, house, clothe and educate young children who’s parents have either passed away or are no longer able to care for them due to their infection. When you drive with Eon, a portion of each trip goes to help build their orphanage and provide them with the means to continue caring for the kids. To learn more about the Aashray Care Home or to get involved yourself please visit the website or contact us directly.

Environmentally Based.

Our business is built on the principle of being 100% emissions free. Not only does our entire fleet run without burning a single drop of gasoline, we go further by participating in an eco friendly business model as laid out by Sustainable Travel International. As Proud members, we commit to a carbon neutral business model that opts for a zero-waste, paper free approach to our operations. To learn more about our commitment, please visit sustainabletravel.org or contact us directly.

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