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Helpful F.A.Q’s or contact us directly by phone and e-mail.

Help Center

Helpful F.A.Q’s or contact us directly by phone and e-mail.


Easy! Just hit the "Reserve Now" button, select your city, times, and vehicle, and book! From there you'll receive a link to confirm your information - once approved, we authorize your deposit 24 hours before the rental and then you receive the pickup instructions 1 hour before your trip starts. With your instructions, you can get to your car and go. No lines, no wait, no problem. Show up when it's convenient and hit the road!

Charging is super easy, you can use any of the thousands of Tesla superchargers scattered around the city or along the highways, the car will show you where they are in the navigation and will route you through them on your way to your destination! We also include charging cables and adapters for non-supercharging scenarios.

Not To Worry! Every Rental has a super fast but super useful checkin process that shows you everything you need to be a master before you even get going. Just in case you need someone - you're matched with a dedicated agent that you can call or text at any time for assistance throughout your trip!

Most credit cards with rental coverage will work for you, but some have exclusions for Teslas and other high end vehicles - if you're not sure, you can always book with that card, and when you're prompted to upload your insurance info, we'll let you know if it doesn't cover the rental at which point you can cancel for free or just add our coverage!

Every rental comes with 300 miles per day included for free - after that it's $0.85/mile if you need more! Miles are counted as the sum total of your trip, so a 3 day trip has 900 free miles.

You can bring the car back as is - recharging is free! You'll only be billed for supercharging costs used during your trip.

No problem at all, you can still rent as usual, we accept valid licenses from almost every country.

In order to rent you must have a valid driver's license (International is ok), be at least 21 years old and either provide your own insurance or purchase insurance for the rental at checkout. We accept all major cards through Stripe - No prepaid cards allowed.


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